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How To Make A Lightning Rod - Simple Crafting Skill With Gold Pine Resin


gold pine resinGold pine resin is an uncommon mineral that can be used in the creation of valuable items. Affected weapons deal very Rare cold damage, which makes it highly effective against enemies that are highly resistant to fire and magic. Effective against dragon family enemies.

Gold pine resin was used for centuries ago by powerful wizards, shamans, shaman, and elementalists as a medium for the casting of powerful spells. Only the caster needs to exert effort to cast a highly effective lightning weapon, as the material simply dissipates the energy required for its use. This made gold pine resin incredibly popular with spellcasters and other magical practitioners as it could be used numerous times before breaking. The material was so versatile that it was commonly used as a component for many different types of magic items. Casting spells and using lightning weapons were always part of the culture of those tribes who practiced these special disciplines.

How to make a lightning rod is as simple as applying gold pine resin on the affected weapon to form a rod. All you need next is to apply some solder on the rod and then wrap it around the weapon handle and blade. The gold pine resin has a very high resistance to electricity and any metallic conductors like silver or steel would not affect it at all. Applying this metal on the weapon only requires the hands to do so, as the affected weapon nozzles can be applied by pushing a button on the handle. As a result, you can craft lightning rods that apply golden sparks to right hand weapon without the assistance of a spell caster.


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